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    Getting Started

    with your personalised mobile app

    1. Choose the TEMPLATE you like most. Note, that the names of the templates are just references and commonly used as most popular template for the particular niche / business but can be adopted for almost any niche. Any template can be designed in the colours of your company ID or website and the background design or images designed as you wish.

    Kindly Note, that changing your chosen template at a later stage whilst developing your app will result in a new start from scratch and will cause extra cost.

    Therefore, choose your most favourite template wisely.

    2. The LAYOUT will be the design of the buttons etc.

    3. Last, choose your favourite FONT

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    Choose The Templates

    Choose the Template you like the most. You can not change the template any time during development.

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    Choose The Layout

    Choose the LAYOUT you like the most. You can change the layout any time during development.

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    Choose The Font

    Choose the FONT you like most. Please consider also readability on a mobile app.

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    Get a detailed app documentation

    Video documentation

    Video documentation is already helping construction professionals reduce legal liability and other risks, improve handoff between teams, and gain new perspectives on their projects


    Text documentation

    Printed, online or written document presenting or communicating a narrative or a table of data that forms a report, memorandum, letter, article etc.
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    • CSS 100% 100%
    • JAVA 100% 100%
    • PHP 100% 100%

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