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    mobile app over websites

    mobile apps over websites

    7 Reasons Why Small And Medium-sized Businesses Need A Mobile App

    What Are The Advantages Of Mobile Apps Over Websites?

    The internet has provided us with a lot of tools today and in this article we would be comparing two of them for small businesses. We would be looking at the advantages of mobile apps over websites below and this is no doubt an interesting topic for many. Prior to the advent of mobile apps, websites were the online haven for businesses, especially for small businesses. But with the arrival of mobile devices and their applications, businesses are now looking towards mobile apps to explore their benefits as well. This is very true and we would be looking at this in more detail below.

    Mobile Apps over Websites

    There is no arguing that websites are awesome for businesses but it is the mobile applications advantages that give it the edge. What this means is that even though there is no controversy about the benefits of a website when it comes to running a business, it is what mobile apps offer that makes it quite awesome. So if you are going to be comparing mobile apps and websites you must appreciate that both are geared towards one purpose in sight and that is to optimise your business awareness and increase profit. Below we would tell you why the mobile app may just do this better for your business.

    Benefits Of Mobile Apps Over Websites

    The best way to appreciate this topic is to look at the benefits of mobile apps for your small businesses when compared to the website as alternative. So below we would look at some of these benefits:

    • More interactive:

      a mobile app is way more interactive than a website and there is no doubt about this. This is one reason why people feel more comfortable with mobile apps than with websites. Mobile apps tend to package a lot of info in them, some of which you can access while offline unlike a website. You can contact customer care, see discounts and sales, and get bonuses from using a mobile app. All this makes the mobile app more interactive. What is more is that business owners can equally keep tabs on who is downloading the apps and also secure their customer base as a result. 

    • More fun:

      Since these apps are more interactive they are more fun to navigate unlike websites. You can easily arrange your favourite goods and/or services, and customize the app even to suit your needs better. In other words, you can make the app work for you and relate with it in that way. A website won’t allow you to do this. 

    • Instant Communication:

      Mobile apps allow you the opportunity to communicate instantly with your audience or customers. You can send them reminders on appointments they have booked or even just let them know about a new video you have posted or any discount you are offering on your service or products. If you do not have a mobile app then you need to rely on your potential audience seeing your message either in their email inbox or on their social media (which is becoming harder with each year as the opening rate is dropping drastically and is somewhere between 3-15% now unlike a Push Notification from your app with an opening rate of about 97%). 

    • Less capital:

      Thanks to Red Jaguar Apps, they make it possible for small businesses to have their own stunning and personalised mobile app from a choice of more than 50 features at a very reasonable price, and even more so when compared to the website alternative.

    These advantages are what show the advantages of mobile apps over websites and why it would be great for your business. A mobile app is the only way in which you can ensure a direct communication model with your user base that has the highest deliverability rate in the industry via the use of push notifications. 

    The key takeaway is not to look at apps or websites as an either/or situation. If you run any type of offline or online business then you must have both as it will ensure you have maximum reach when it comes to attracting new or retaining customers.

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