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    How To Promote Your Mobile App Using Facebook™

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    Why Promote Your Mobile App With Facebook™?

    You can make your business grow immensely if you take advantage of Facebook™. Facebook™ is no longer just a social media site. For businesses, Facebook™ is the social media site. The reason for this is that nearly everyone is on it! The number of accounts on Facebook™ could equal or surpass the population of some of the largest countries in the world. But it’s not just made up of people from one country, the billions of account holders are found all over the globe. It is a worldwide network.

    So Facebook™ marketing grants you access to this vast audience. These are tons of people out there who will be interested in your app[s] and dying to download and use it [them]. They may also love them so much that they share the apps with their friends, regardless of the countries that those friends come from. You are basically expanding your market with ease because you are only working in one social media site. In order to reach these people, to spread virally, you have to get as man ‘likes’ as you can. Here is how it works.

    Likes & Shares

    Just one ‘like’ could trigger an avalanche of likes. Every “Like” is precious, fight for it. When the number of ‘likes’ on your page grows, the interest for your apps will grow too. Every account has friends and every ‘like’ connects your page to that circle of friends. If someone in the circle also ‘likes’ your page, then their circle of friends are also exposed to your brand.

    Just ‘liking’ a page isn’t enough. A person who ‘likes’ your page is an eager follower. They want to know more, they want updates. You need content – updates to your app, plans for new apps or existing apps and so on – to fulfil the thirst of your followers. Updates increase the chance that you’ll get more shares.

    Interacting With Followers

    One important thing to remember when marketing on Facebook™ is interactivity. You can actually engage with your followers on it. You can post questions and comments and your followers can reply to it. Their replies filter through to their friend circles and good conversations draw those friends in to have a look at your page.

    It’s easy to post content but you also want that content to be good. Good, rich content can take many forms (and net you many shares). Usually you’ll want a link in the content that takes advantage of the interest you’re generating. The link could be to your website or to your app in the App store and – bam – you might have just generated another critical app download.


    Setting up a Facebook™ fan page is easy, making sure that people take notice is where the real work comes in. Traffic is key. Sure, the ‘likes’ and the shares will generate traffic within Facebook™ but if you want quicker, bigger results these are not enough. You have to have more in your bag of tricks.

    Promoting your app within Facebook™ is a simple first step towards a traffic boost. The first thing that you need to do if you are going to promote your app is to click on the upper right corner where there is a little gear icon. Once the dropdown list appears, click on ‘Use Facebook™’ and then click on the page that you are going to promote.

    Our Top 8 Facebook™ Marketing Tips

    Again, one click to promote your app is not going to be enough. You still have to work to draw to your page. Here are some ways of doing so:

    1. ‘Like’ to get ‘Likes’

    Look for pages and conversations that are relevant to your app and audience. ‘Like’ them.

    1. Converse

    Submit comments to the pages and conversations you ‘like’. Continue relevant discussions with a post on your page. Try to draw people back to your page.

    1. Know your Niche

    This makes finding the right discussions or threads easier. It also makes it easier to know what you want to talk about on your own page.

    1. Be Vigilant

    Check out the pages, discussions and the groups that you have been following. If not daily then weekly. You might miss out on a trending discussion and potential market exposure if you don’t.

    1. Regular Content

    We can’t emphasize this enough. Even if you automate it (not any old automation system, it needs to be top quality) post updates regularly. Be regular with your audience interaction too.

    1. Good Content

    While the golden rule is that there should be a steady amount of content, it’s equally important that the content is also fresh and relevant. This might feel tough at times but you have to remember that your app users are treasures that you should cherish. They’re chips waiting to be cashed in.

    1. Transfer Audiences

    This part only comes after a successful first foray into a marketplace. If you are providing an audience with content that is useful or interesting and if you’re engaging with the audience, you will find that the audience will want to follow you if you move onto a new product or project. This means that new apps you introduce will have an organic initial boost!

    This applies to apps that are at least partially related to the niche and audience you have been working with already but don’t be surprised if you see dividends in completely unrelated niches even if your next niche is nothing like your first.

    1. Outside Marketing

    You may also advertise through other, and more traditional, means. Whether you work with advertisements, mailing lists, forums, blog posts – whatever you have experience with previously – make use of the tools at your disposal.

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